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*Smith & Wesson Model 48-4 Revolver
Lot # 741 - *Smith & Wesson Model 48-4 Revolver
.22 magnum caliber, 4" barrel, S/N 86K5852. Blue finish, case hardened hammer and trigger, checkered grips. In original box with papers and cleaning tools.
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Cape Buffalo Skull Mount
Lot # 323 - Cape Buffalo Skull Mount
Cape Buffalo skull mount on wooden plaque.  Plaque is marked "Cape Buffalo 1965."  Measures 40.5" by 32".
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Assorted Empty Shell Casings, Large Lot
Lot # 542 - Assorted Empty Shell Casings, Large Lot
Lot includes boxed and loose brass shell casings, various makers and calibers.
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Davis, Jefferson Messages to the Confederate Congress
Lot # 84 - Davis, Jefferson Messages to the Confederate Congress
Lot of 15. The first is 2pp (one sheet), 8vo, simply titled "Veto Message," in which Davis returns to the House a bill with the title "An Act to provide for wounded and disabled officers, soldiers, and seamen," an asylum to be called 'The Veteran Soldiers' Home.' He notes that this is appeals to the sympathies of all, and would seem to be a noble act. His primary objections seem to be in the running of this asylum, as it appears to be contrary to the supremacy of the states in the Confederate constitution.

Four of the messages are Davis' State of the Confederacy addresses, 1861-1864. The other ten are messages transmitting communications from the Secretaries of War, Navy, Treasury: 7 Feb. 1863; 5 Mar. 1863; 22 Dec. 1863; 13 Feb. 1864; 16 Feb. 1864; 10 May 1864; 28 May 1864; 4 Jan. 1865; 5 Jan. 1865 (2).

In his 1863 message, he makes references to Gettysburg, a great example of "spinning" a report. "The able commander...forc[ed] their armies to cross the Potomac and fight in defence of their own capital and homes [instead of attacking Richmond]. Transferring the battle-field to their own soil he succeeded in compelling their rapid retreat from Virginia, and in the hard fought battle of Gettysburg inflicted such severity of punishment as disabled them from early renewal of the campaign as originally projected. ... On more than one occasion the enemy has since made demonstrations of a purpose to advance, invariably followed by a precipitate retreat...on the approach of our forces." He mentions the surrender of the Confederate forces at Cumberland Gap. "This easy success of the enemy was followed by an advance of Gen'l Rosecranz into Georgia and our army evacuated Chattanooga and availed itself of the opportunity thus afforded of winning, on the field of Chickamauga, one of the most brilliant and decisive victories of the war."
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*Ruger SP101 Revolver
Lot # 775 - *Ruger SP101 Revolver
.32 H & R magnum caliber, 3" barrel, S/N 570-69720. Stainless finish, rubber grip. In original box with paperwork.
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**Winchester Model 12 Pump Action Shotgun
Lot # 877 - **Winchester Model 12 Pump Action Shotgun
12 ga. caliber, 30" full choke barrel, S/N 514634. Checkered walnut stocks,
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Salt Lake City, Utah Territory Newspaper, <i>Deseret News</i>, 1854, Containing
Lot # 379 - Salt Lake City, Utah Territory Newspaper, Deseret News, 1854, Containing "History of Joseph Smith"
An issue of the Deseret News printed in Salt Lake City on Feb 9, 1854 featuring an article on "The History of Joseph Smith" from the former article published in July 1839 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Smith's death.
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[Stereoviews] World's Fairs and Expositions, Incl. 1893 Chicago and 1904 St. Louis
Lot # 194 - [Stereoviews] World's Fairs and Expositions, Incl. 1893 Chicago and 1904 St. Louis
Lot of 145, including:

Complete set of 100 chromolithograph views of the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair published by T.W. Ingersoll, with numbered titles in the recto margin.

9 views by T.W. Ingersoll of 1893 Chicago World's Fair (World's Columbian Exhibition).

14 views by Wm. Orr/Mills Novelty Co., Chicago, of attractions and amusements at an unspecified fair.

22 miscellaneous World's Fair views.
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Swiss Vetterli Rifle Model 78
Lot # 890 - Swiss Vetterli Rifle Model 78
.41 Swiss caliber, 33" barrel, S/N 30644. Walnut stock and forearm.
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Scarce George McClellan and James Pendleton Ferrotype, 1864
Lot # 228 - Scarce George McClellan and James Pendleton Ferrotype, 1864
Double-sided political badge, 25 mm., containing tintype portraits of George McClellan and James Pendleton set with its original gilded brass shell. McClellan's ferrotype is surrounded by a shield-shaped opening on the right and left with olive wreaths and six stars. It is set in a circular metallic frame. Pendleton's ferrotype is also set in a circular metallic frame surrounded by an olive wreath.

President Lincoln fired McClellan as general-in-chief after his embarrassing defeats at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Bitter, McClellan attempted to write a lengthy report against the administration and ran against Lincoln in the 1864 election. The Democratic party nominated him for their presidential candidate and Ohio Senator, James Pendleton for vice president, but neither of them were able to secure enough votes. Lincoln won the election by a land-slide, securing almost 70 percent of the Army of the Potomac votes.
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*DPMS Panther Arms AR-15
Lot # 359 - *DPMS Panther Arms AR-15
.223 caliber, 18" barrel, S/N DMWCO65845. Black nylon stock. In original box.
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