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Hubbell Trade Bead Necklaces,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Both of European manufacture and made to appeal to the Southwestern Indians love of turquoise. One is of pale, translucent turquoise beads separated by twenty-four opaque balls and eight opaque pear shaped beads from which is suspended a pendant of a larger pear bead and a smaller one, length 27"; AND another of eleven melon beads separated white glass balls with a black disc on either side, length 17.5".

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

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Unusual San Ildefonso Canteen/ Seed Jar,
Lot # 62 - Unusual San Ildefonso Canteen/ Seed Jar,
black and red-on-white, decorated with thick black lines and red highlights and topped with sculpted bird. Small hole on side, single handle on opposite, museum number on bottom, height 5" x width 3.5". Great patina. > Item Details
Navajo Pins in Fred Harvey Style,
Lot # 206 - Navajo Pins in Fred Harvey Style,
lot of 5, ca 1920, all in horse motif with stamped designs. Includes one large brooch with large oval repoussé topped with a horse, width 2.75"; PLUS a small pooch, length, .9"; PLUS a larger one with a turquoise eye, length 1.5"; PLUS a Plains Indian astride a horse stamped with arrows and a thunde... > Item Details
Hand Forged Belt Axe,
Lot # 231 - Hand Forged Belt Axe,
northern New Mexico, with triangular eye and original wooden handle, length 13.75". > Item Details
Eskimo Tools of Fossilized Bone or Walrus Ivory,
Lot # 765 - Eskimo Tools of Fossilized Bone or Walrus Ivory,
lot of 3. Includes one large pounding tool of fossilized bone, length 16.5 x width 3.5"; PLUS a stocky maul, length 12.25"; AND another fossilized ivory pick, length 12.5". > Item Details
Zuni Knife Wing Figure Pin,
Lot # 580 - Zuni Knife Wing Figure Pin,
made of silver with inlaid turquoise, orange shell, and jet. Fat silver beads replicate "knives" under the wings; height 1.65" x width 2.0". > Item Details
Hopi Dance Kilt and Sash,
Lot # 174 - Hopi Dance Kilt and Sash,
lot of 2. Both of hand-woven cotton with beautiful, traditional brocaded design executed in red, black, navy, and green wool. Includes a sash, in two sections, depicts Broad Face Katsina and has intricate warp fringe, length 82" x width 9"; AND a kilt has woven braided trim on one side, le... > Item Details
Large Pueblo Drum with Beater,
Lot # 175 - Large Pueblo Drum with Beater,
hollowed soft wood log with one side covered with stretched hide and attached using a long rawhide thong laced through hide and threaded through bottom of log, painted red, black, and blue, with single leather wrapped rawhide handle on side, indecipherable writing on inside of log, length 17.5" x wi... > Item Details
Navajo Germantown Samplers,
Lot # 122 - Navajo Germantown Samplers,
lot of 2. Includes one in coral with purple motifs accented with cream and gray, length 19" x width 19"; AND another with diagonal eyedazzler pattern in colors of cream, teal-green, black, orange-yellow, and black, length 20" x width 19". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 601 - Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Tobacco Bag,
ca 1915, probably Lakota. Rolled throat and sides decorated with lanes of white, blue, and greasy yellow beads, main panel decorated with white seed bead ground and triangular devices in blue beads. Triangles on one side with central greasy yellow crosses, rectangles of red white heart and metallic ... > Item Details
Scarce Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Bone Bow Guard PLUS,
Lot # 777 - Scarce Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Bone Bow Guard PLUS,
lot of 2. Includes the bow guard with geometric block motif decoration and two holes on each side for strap, length 3.75" x width 1.5"; AND a bone tool with a peg in center. Tool has parallel incised lines around edge and on top, length 3.5" x width 1.8". Carving on both pieces is early. > Item Details
Plains Pipe Tomahawk with Quilled Hide Drop,
Lot # 613 - Plains Pipe Tomahawk with Quilled Hide Drop,
with cast pewter head, length 5" x width 3", pipe bowl with double turning at rim, height 2.8", rectangular eye with rounded corner, exterior engraved with “X” and flanked by vertical lines, total length of head 8.4". Polished wood haft ornamented with bands of brass tacks and file branding, further... > Item Details
Kiowa Child's Beaded Hide Leggings,
Lot # 279 - Kiowa Child's Beaded Hide Leggings,
treasured leggings made of thread-sewn hide coated in yellow ochre with green hide fringe and white edge-beading, museum tag "#298 Painted Kiowa Boy's Leggings, 1890s," length 14.5". > Item Details
Rare Abalone Shell Breastplate,
Lot # 288 - Rare Abalone Shell Breastplate,
pair of beautiful iridescent cut shells each with two brass buttons insets held in place with thin hide ties, length 4.5" x width 5". > Item Details
Eskimo Cable Bow,
Lot # 784 - Eskimo Cable Bow,
hand-carved of wood with a plaited sinew reinforcing cable that adds terrific force, length 54". This deadly bow is a full .75" at handgrip and is illustrated by Miles (1963:30:1.169). > Item Details
Early Iroquois Beaded Pouch,
Lot # 386 - Early Iroquois Beaded Pouch,
curlicue design executed in colors of white, light and dark blue, greasy yellow, green, and pink seed beads on red wool lined with polished cotton, green silk binding with white edge-beading, length 5.25" x width 6". > Item Details
Northern California Twined Bowl,
Lot # 5 - Northern California Twined Bowl,
twined with fine overlay patterns consisting of dark positive and light negative triangles that form bold geometric patterns around mid-section, height 4" x diameter 5". > Item Details
Hopi Handled Jar,
Lot # 90 - Hopi Handled Jar,
red and black-on-creamy orange, potted with an unusual bulbous body, constricted neck, and slightly flared lip, two small striped handles attached to sides of neck. Broad feathers topped with checked band on shoulder and body, underside stamped "_(?) L. B_(?) _(?)/ _(?) W. North Avenue/ Chicago, ILL... > Item Details
Tlingit Chief's Hat,
Lot # 902 - Tlingit Chief's Hat,
carved cedar. Conically shaped with long gray hair flowing from raven's head and two large claws in front as if perched. With large abalone eyes and multiple faces encircling base of hat, hide thong ties on inside, height 11" x diameter 15.5". > Item Details
Navajo Germantown Double Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 119 - Navajo Germantown Double Saddle Blanket,
with stepped parallelogram and triangle design breaking at horizontal center and with fringe on both edges. Lively colors consist of orange, deep red, and black on a marine blue ground with additional color interest of purple and maroon, length without fringe 37" x width 18.5". > Item Details
Early Athapaskan Women's Beaded Leggings,
Lot # 869 - Early Athapaskan Women's Beaded Leggings,
smoked hide with three rows of lengthy fringe, separate black wool panel edged with blue silk and beaded with a succulent floral design laden with pendulous berries and soft lush leaves, sparkling marcasite beads outline some stems, two bands of red and black, and blue and black ribbon work wrap aro... > Item Details
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