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Hubbell Trade Bead Necklaces,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Both of European manufacture and made to appeal to the Southwestern Indians love of turquoise. One is of pale, translucent turquoise beads separated by twenty-four opaque balls and eight opaque pear shaped beads from which is suspended a pendant of a larger pear bead and a smaller one, length 27"; AND another of eleven melon beads separated white glass balls with a black disc on either side, length 17.5".

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

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Northwest Coast Mask,
Lot # 894 - Northwest Coast Mask,
probably Tlingit, hand-carved and painted in colors of red, white, black, and blue in an elaborate design that accentuates features. Carver placed a small frog in the mask's mouth and gave the mask abalone eyes and long reddish-brown hair, height 16.5". > Item Details
Early Acoma Cow Pitcher and Miniature Olla,
Lot # 66 - Early Acoma Cow Pitcher and Miniature Olla,
lot of 2. Includes a bucolic pitcher rendered into the form of a cow, mouth is spout, twisted handle tail, sculpted horns and ears resemble bows. Flowers, rain birds, and hatching decorate bottom of pitcher, height 7.5" x width 5"; AND a miniature olla painted in the prehistoric Reserve style, of ea... > Item Details
Plains Elk Antler Flesher or Hand Adze,
Lot # 311 - Plains Elk Antler Flesher or Hand Adze,
blade made from old file and hafted to antler with soft hide, with tag "Arick Area, Upper MO. Riv., N. Dak.," length 13". > Item Details
Salish Lidded Trunk,
Lot # 844 - Salish Lidded Trunk,
possibly Fraser River, formed with narrow bands of wrapped cedar decorated with alternating bands of black and red cherry bark stitches, hide handle on lid, height 8.75" x length 17.25" x width 9.5". > Item Details
Plains Man's Bone Hair Pipe and Hide Breastplate,
Lot # 634 - Plains Man's Bone Hair Pipe and Hide Breastplate,
with large shell medallion in center and with strips of rectangular leather dividing the cow-bone pipes into three sections. Middle row has brass trade beads on either end of hair pipes; necklace has brass trade beads and glass beads in many shades of blue, all strung on leather. This is a very trad... > Item Details
Birch Bark Storage Container,
Lot # 681 - Birch Bark Storage Container,
wonderful large oval container with negatively carved floral images, crisscrossed spruce root seams, long hide handle "bolted" with birch bark washers inside, written on bottom "San Maur/ 1947," rectangular pieces of felted wood nailed to bottom, height 16.25" x width 15.5" x depth 13". > Item Details
Yankton Sioux Rifle Case,
Lot # 661 - Yankton Sioux Rifle Case,
sinew-sewn hide, lazy stitched at opening and butt in colors of pink, red white heart, black, and cobalt against a light blue ground, hourglass motif. Hide fringe hangs from opening and along bottom, wide hide strap for carrying tied around center, length 40.25". > Item Details
Banded Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 526 - Banded Navajo Regional Weaving,
tightly woven hand-spun wool in natural colors of variegated gray, black, cream, and aniline red in a pleasing, simple design of serrated chevrons, length 74.5" x width 42.5". > Item Details
Plains Beaded Hide Pouches,
Lot # 293 - Plains Beaded Hide Pouches,
lot of 3. Includes a sinew-sewn hide pouch designed with the "morning star" (Hail 1993) on one side and a diamond shape on other in colors of cobalt, red white heart, light blue, green, and corn yellow seed beads accented with faceted metal beads, short hide fringe border, hide thong strap, tag on i... > Item Details
Ute/ Shoshone Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 628 - Ute/ Shoshone Beaded Hide Moccasins,
ca 1885, with thread and sinew-sewn beadwork in colors of white, green, shades of blue, rose, greasy yellow, dark green, and mahogany in a style associated with woman's wear. Moccasins have been rubbed with yellow ochre, length 10.25" x height 9.75". > Item Details
Model Skin Kayaks,
Lot # 810 - Model Skin Kayaks,
lot of 2, with wooden hunter wearing cloth parka and holding bone inlaid paddle, equipped with harpoon and trap; kayak decorated with bone beads and bone tip at bow and stern, length 15.5" x height of hunter in kayak 3"; AND a kayak with wooden frame, skin cover sinew-sewn, equipped with wooden padd... > Item Details
<i>Koyemsi</i> Katsina,
Lot # 148 - Koyemsi Katsina,
also known as the Mud Head Clown. Figure painted reddish brown with protruding circular eyes and snout, three round gourds on head with feathers attached, and single horn on top. He is dressed in a painted green ruff, black kilt, red moccasins, and ketoh, holds a rattle in one hand and has a hole in... > Item Details
Kiowa Beaded Hide Leggings,
Lot # 631 - Kiowa Beaded Hide Leggings,
ca 1890, rubbed with yellow ochre and trimmed with tiny white beads along edges of triangular extensions. These "flaps" are lined in either peach or purple cotton and terminate in bead wrapped tassels that hold 3.5" strips of silk ribbon. Artisan used heavy cotton string to create the lengthy fringe... > Item Details
Hopi Seed Jar,
Lot # 484 - Hopi Seed Jar,
ca 1890s, red and black-on-creamy orange and decorated with rain bird motif, height 1.5" x diameter 5.5". > Item Details
Hopi Tray with Katsina,
Lot # 17 - Hopi Tray with Katsina,
coiled yucca in natural and aniline dyed red, blue, and yellow with central image of katsina wearing a large radiating tableta, diameter 13". > Item Details
Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 626 - Beaded Hide Moccasins,
possibly Cheyenne(?), sinew-sewn with beadwork in cobalt, light blue, green, rose, and yellow all against a white ground. Semi-circular lanes on vamps echo curvature of toe, vertical lane at heal, trapezoidal tongues and split healed cuffs coated with yellow ochre, length 9". > Item Details
<i>Kowako</i>, Rooster Katsina,
Lot # 546 - Kowako, Rooster Katsina,
hand-carved from cottonwood with green-yellow case mask with red cock's comb, pointed bill, and square red ears. Body paint is red; katsina wears a white kilt, height w/o Plexiglas base 8.5". Katsina retains string around neck. > Item Details
Tohono O'odham Pictorial Basket,
Lot # 32 - Tohono O'odham Pictorial Basket,
coiled yucca forming a globular body with constricted neck, flared rim, and devil's claw panels of stacked right triangles and four little dogs around center of body, height 11.5" x diameter 12". > Item Details
Large Navajo <i>Yei</i> Rug,
Lot # 523 - Large Navajo Yei Rug,
ca 1930s, beautifully woven of tightly hand-spun wool in vibrant colors of aniline-dyed orange, green, natural browns and cream against a wonderfully rich aniline-dyed red ground. Six attenuated, solid-colored body Yei figures with traditional necklaces are surrounded by a dark brown border, feather... > Item Details
Blackfeet Doll,
Lot # 647 - Blackfeet Doll,
with hide face and nose and with cloth body, beaded eyes, earrings, and necklaces. Doll wears red and black gingham dress, red fabric moccasins, and has pale olive yarn tassels on braids, moccasins, and at waist. Hair and braids are black fabric. Folded leather makes her arms; paper tag reads, "Blac... > Item Details
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