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Hubbell Trade Bead Necklaces,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Both of European manufacture and made to appeal to the Southwestern Indians love of turquoise. One is of pale, translucent turquoise beads separated by twenty-four opaque balls and eight opaque pear shaped beads from which is suspended a pendant of a larger pear bead and a smaller one, length 27"; AND another of eleven melon beads separated white glass balls with a black disc on either side, length 17.5".

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

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Klagetoh Style Navajo Rug,
Lot # 134 - Klagetoh Style Navajo Rug,
hand-spun wool tightly woven using lazy weaves in colors of browns, gray, cream, and aniline red. With an intricate design of interlaced lines surrounding a central nested serrated diamond, nested serrated diamonds in each corner, length 76" x width 49". > Item Details
<i>Polik Mana</i>, Butterfly Maiden Katsina,
Lot # 560 - Polik Mana, Butterfly Maiden Katsina,
hand-carved from cottonwood with white case mask, corncob on forehead, black triangular mouth, red lines on cheeks, and with an elaborate tableta tipped with feathers and with clouds and rain symbols, height w/o Plexiglas stand, 13". > Item Details
Navajo Germantown and Chimayo Samplers,
Lot # 125 - Navajo Germantown and Chimayo Samplers,
lot of 2. Includes one Hispanic predominately black textile with three bands, each with colors of old gold, red, and jade green, length 30" x width 13"; AND another small, scarlet square with purple and cream motifs and with fringe on two edges, length 12" x width 12.5". > Item Details
Tlingit Shaman's Guardian Female Virgin Figure,
Lot # 889 - Tlingit Shaman's Guardian Female Virgin Figure,
20th century, hand-carved wood with painted red body and natural wood face with abalone eyes and dark hair mounted in tufts to top of scalp. Body has delineated rib cage and labia. Single peg holds figure to flat, carved, red shark with unpainted areas representing skeleton. Shark has incised Northw... > Item Details
<i>Ahote</i> Katsina,
Lot # 569 - Ahote Katsina,
hand-carved from cottonwood with black case mask with yellow on top, pop eyes, horns, toothy snout, and star and moon painted in white on cheeks. Body painted reddish brown with yellow shoulders, forearms, and lower legs, height w/o Plexiglas stand, 11.5". > Item Details
Plains Hand Drum,
Lot # 329 - Plains Hand Drum,
with central black circle surrounded by white "feathers" and with red and white "tipis" around circumference. Rawhide cover attached to wooden frame with round headed tacks; handle covered with old calico, diameter 15". > Item Details
Navajo Insect Pins,
Lot # 186 - Navajo Insect Pins,
lot of 3. Includes a silver dragonfly with delicate stamping on wings, length 2.75"; PLUS a beetle with a turquoise head and protruding silver antenna, legs, and stamped wings, length 1"; AND another identical, smaller beetle, length .85". > Item Details
Iroquoian Cap,
Lot # 382 - Iroquoian Cap,
black velveteen with brown cotton twill lining, florally beaded brown band around brow and at crown in colors of yellows, whites, red white heart, greens, and blues, red ribbon bow in center, short crescent-shaped bill in velveteen, approximate size 7. > Item Details
Iroquois Split Ash Trunk,
Lot # 354 - Iroquois Split Ash Trunk,
rectangular body and lid constructed with broad and narrow splints, horizontal splints painted in black, blues, and red providing a checkerboard-like appearance, height 11.5" x length 13.5" x width 10.5". > Item Details
Pen and Ink by Yazzie,
Lot # 434 - Pen and Ink by Yazzie,
signed lower right "Yazzie," executed in an Art Nouveau style, reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley. Featuring a Navajo woman gazing into the distance, Shiprock encircled in the background, 17.75" x 13.75" (w/ frame). > Item Details
Eskimo Wooden Mask and Wooden Snow Goggles,
Lot # 798 - Eskimo Wooden Mask and Wooden Snow Goggles,
lot of 2. Includes a hand-carved mask resembling a human face and finished with caribou(?) hair on head, eyebrows, upper lip, and chin. Possibly Ingalik people from Lower Yukon River, height 8"; AND a pair of snow goggles with leather bridge over nose, length 7.9". > Item Details
<i>Battle of Little Bighorn. The Dead Sioux</i>, BAE Print,
Lot # 447 - Battle of Little Bighorn. The Dead Sioux, BAE Print,
taken from the Tenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1888-'89 published in 1893. Plate is between pages 576 and 577. Red Horse, a prominent Sioux chief who participated in "Custer's massacre," gave his unique account of the 25 June 18... > Item Details
Two Sets of Beaded Dice,
Lot # 343 - Two Sets of Beaded Dice,
lot of 2. Includes a set of loom woven six-sided square dice, 1.25" square; AND four oblong, gourd-stitched dice, two with red striped centers and two with black, white ends, each length 1.5" x width .5". > Item Details
Eskimo Lidded Coiled Beach Grass Basket,
Lot # 745 - Eskimo Lidded Coiled Beach Grass Basket,
ca 1900-1910 has charming, colorful designs of men in kayaks and women in parkas along the bottom. Birds, dragonflies, and dogs flow around body, height 12.25" x diameter 11.75". A truly large, fine example. > Item Details
Pair of Choctaw Stickball Sticks,
Lot # 735 - Pair of Choctaw Stickball Sticks,
made of single piece of bent hickory, with slightly twisted head attached to shaft by two bands of hide, twisted hide net. One stick with red horsehair medallion drop hanging from back side of head, lengths 35.25" and 36.5". > Item Details
Cree Beaded Moose Hide Mittens and Pouch,
Lot # 390 - Cree Beaded Moose Hide Mittens and Pouch,
smoked and tanned hide mittens with fur at wrists and cuffs, gray felt lining, geometric and floral sinew-sewn beadwork in cobalt, red, light blue and greasy yellow seed beads peppered with faceted metal beads. Braided red and brown wool yarn keepers with fluffy tassels connect mittens, length 15"; ... > Item Details
Cree Embroidered Hide Gauntlets,
Lot # 397 - Cree Embroidered Hide Gauntlets,
delicately executed in baby blue, green, reds, and purple thread into images of leaves and flowers; purple cotton flannel lining; with index card stating "Dr. Travis came from England - Elsie, Mich," length 15.5". > Item Details
Lounging Walrus,
Lot # 827 - Lounging Walrus,
Eskimo, soapstone or schist, depicts a walrus with long bone tusks relaxing on a rock, flippers tucked under his massive body, etched signature "Ed Cair, '77," height 5" x greatest width of base 7.5". > Item Details
Miniature Cradles,
Lot # 257 - Miniature Cradles,
lot of 2. Includes thread-sewn hide teardrop-shaped Ute cradle, beaded at top with cobalt and pink lane, green and cobalt cross in center where doll's head rests. Doll made of blue patterned calico, hide lacing up front, fringe, and hanging loop on back, length 7" x width 3"; AND a Pomo basketry cra... > Item Details
Leopard Sealskin Drawstring Bag,
Lot # 799 - Leopard Sealskin Drawstring Bag,
created from entire hide with flippers and with apertures that are sinew-sewn, length through center 57". > Item Details
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