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Hubbell Trade Bead Necklaces,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Both of European manufacture and made to appeal to the Southwestern Indians love of turquoise. One is of pale, translucent turquoise beads separated by twenty-four opaque balls and eight opaque pear shaped beads from which is suspended a pendant of a larger pear bead and a smaller one, length 27"; AND another of eleven melon beads separated white glass balls with a black disc on either side, length 17.5".

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

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Great Lakes/ Eastern Woodlands Moccasins,
Lot # 700 - Great Lakes/ Eastern Woodlands Moccasins,
thread and sinew-sewn decorated with pleasing multicolored rickrack and narrow woven cord outlining vamp, hide gathered at vamp, machine-sewn seam at center of toe, rectangular tongue, sewing-machine holes along cuff, larger holes for ties, length 10.5". > Item Details
Small Navajo Germantown Rug,
Lot # 140 - Small Navajo Germantown Rug,
ca 1890s, tightly woven in a simple geometric pattern using contrasting colors of red and green with blocks of cream and orange, with orange and black and white tied tassels, length 20.25" x width 20". > Item Details
Navajo Bird Pins,
Lot # 184 - Navajo Bird Pins,
lot of 4. All are silver with creative stamping replicating feathers, includes a charging roadrunner with a turquoise eye, length, 2.8"; PLUS a penguin with a button eye, height 2"; PLUS a stylized turkey, height 2"; AND a thunderbird with a concha body surrounded by wings and tail. > Item Details
Lidded Birch Bark Basket,
Lot # 357 - Lidded Birch Bark Basket,
conical shaped basket with gathered sides lashed together with birchbark, wrapped rim, tight fitting lid, height 7.25" x diameter at base 7.75". > Item Details
<i>Polik Mana</i>, Butterfly Maiden
Lot # 536 - Polik Mana, Butterfly Maiden
hand-carved from cottonwood with white case mask with chin painted with lines radiating from the mouth. Katsina wears an elaborate tableta filled with rain and cloud symbols. Katsina retains old string around neck, height w/o Plexiglas base 14.75". > Item Details
Northwest Coast Wooden Spoon,
Lot # 854 - Northwest Coast Wooden Spoon,
with modern simplicity tapers to a blunt point that has a small hole near tip, length 10.3". > Item Details
Northern California Twined Basket,
Lot # 1 - Northern California Twined Basket,
probably Klamath/ Modoc, finely twined with unclipped ends visible on interior. Pale colored body has full twist overlay decoration consisting of three rows of dark zigzag and large stepped triangles in open areas. Weaver created additional interest with a small checked pattern near the rim, height ... > Item Details
Navajo Germantown Sampler,
Lot # 121 - Navajo Germantown Sampler,
ca 1890. A true Germantown eyedazzler in vivid colors of red, violet, pale turquoise, maroon, off white, and tan; design has cross in center surrounded by numerous finely woven "zigs." Textile finished on two edges with fringe, length with fringe 25.5" x width 22". > Item Details
Large Hopi Vase,
Lot # 84 - Large Hopi Vase,
red and black-on-creamy orange decorated with feathers or rainbird designs, hole in bottom for drainage, height 8" x diameter 6". > Item Details
Blackfeet Tacked Knife Sheath and Knife,
Lot # 658 - Blackfeet Tacked Knife Sheath and Knife,
leather sheath with approximately seven rows of brass tacking along outer seam and eight rows on cuff, 2.25" parallelogram-shaped belt hole cut into side, length 13" x width 5"; with Sheffield butcher knife with wooden handle, blade length 8", total length 12.5". > Item Details
Acoma/ Laguna Polychome Jar,
Lot # 506 - Acoma/ Laguna Polychome Jar,
ca 1880-1900, red, orange, and black-on-white. Potted with slightly indented base, sharply flared sides and broad shoulders tapering to neck, straight rim. The beautiful natural colors heighten the graceful bud-like form of the body transforming the vessel into a meandering garden, with deep red int... > Item Details
Northwest Coast Carved Face Mask,
Lot # 898 - Northwest Coast Carved Face Mask,
ca 1940, Haida. Hand-carved from cedar in high relief with large eyes, flaring nostrils, heavy jowls, and grit teeth. Painted in red, blue, and black pigments, lower jaw attached with two pegs and internal cord for movement. Possible locks of human hair fastened to head, holes in back for attachment... > Item Details
Pendleton Nine Element Robe,
Lot # 111 - Pendleton Nine Element Robe,
woven in wonderfully bright southwestern colors of reds, oranges, greens, and browns with intriguing geometric designs, brown felt binding and a worn 1921 label in corner, length 74.25” x width 62.5”. Kapoun (1992:67) references a similar blanket. > Item Details
Germantown Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 142 - Germantown Saddle Blanket,
ca 1920s. Tightly woven wool in colors of black and cream with red highlights all against a gray ground. Wonderful design using the Greek key, arrows, feathers, and quartered diamonds, multicolored fringe added at ends, length 46" x width 21". > Item Details
Jicarilla Apache Basket,
Lot # 473 - Jicarilla Apache Basket,
coiled yucca, triangles and forked geometric shapes outlined in vibrant colors of fuchsia, purple, yellow, and blue, with false braided rim, height 5.25" x diameter 17". > Item Details
Karok Polychrome Basket,
Lot # 8 - Karok Polychrome Basket,
with simple overlay decoration of eight groups of light triangles pointing toward a central band. Each group has dark and light checker work in the center for added interest, height 4" x diameter 6.75". > Item Details
<i>Hemis</i> Katsina,
Lot # 568 - Hemis Katsina,
hand-carved from cottonwood with case mask that is half red and half white and with an elaborate tableta with rainbow and numerous phallic symbols. Body paint is black and katsina wears white kilt brocade sash design on one side, height w/o Plexiglas base, 12.25". > Item Details
Argillite Totem Poles and Mountain Sheep Spoon,
Lot # 858 - Argillite Totem Poles and Mountain Sheep Spoon,
lot of 3. Includes an argillite totem pole with totemic figures of an eagle, raven, and bear eating a salmon, height 7.7"; PLUS a small argillite pole with a bear(?), height 3.5"; AND a super, big horn sheep spoon with a carved mountain goat handle, length 11". > Item Details
Eastern Woodlands Moccasins,
Lot # 699 - Eastern Woodlands Moccasins,
thread and sinew-sewn, with vamps beaded in amber, black, cobalt, light blue, greasy yellow in a stylized flower against a white ground, black velveteen tongue with red ribbon edging and backed with striped cotton, cuffs with curvilinear couched beadwork in colors of pink, greasy yellow, light blue,... > Item Details
<i>Beautiful Sewing</i> by Bessie Ekugina and Elizabeth Tunnaq,
Lot # 915 - Beautiful Sewing by Bessie Ekugina and Elizabeth Tunnaq,
print 12/42, 1985. Titled, dated, signed, and embossed along bottom in pencil. Delightful picture of a guy and gal dressed in their finest beaded parkas, leggings, and moccasins, highlights in orange, blue, yellow, and green, (w/o frame) 18.5" x 25", (w/ frame) 23.25” x 29.25". > Item Details
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