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Hubbell Trade Bead Necklaces,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Both of European manufacture and made to appeal to the Southwestern Indians love of turquoise. One is of pale, translucent turquoise beads separated by twenty-four opaque balls and eight opaque pear shaped beads from which is suspended a pendant of a larger pear bead and a smaller one, length 27"; AND another of eleven melon beads separated white glass balls with a black disc on either side, length 17.5".

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

Sold: $575.00
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Eastern Woodlands Pipe Tomahawk,
Lot # 685 - Eastern Woodlands Pipe Tomahawk,
crudely formed iron bowl and three horizontal bands at tapered base. Raised horizontal moldings across eye, teardrop eye with point towards bit. Bit end shows considerable resharpening marks, width 1.65" x length 3", pipe length 6.25"; total length 17.5". See Peterson 1971: figure 141 for a similar ... > Item Details
Helen Cordero, Cochiti
Lot # 520 - Helen Cordero, Cochiti "Rain" Deer,
ca 1950-1960s, black-on-cream. Endearing little creatures with strong antlers and alert tails. Painted on their backs are possible rain clouds, lightning bolts, and bird tails, smaller deer with pencil signature and accession number, height 10.75 x length 7.75; height 9.25 x 7.5". Helen Quintana Co... > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Buffalo Hide Cradle Cover,
Lot # 656 - Cheyenne Beaded Buffalo Hide Cradle Cover,
with large paisley motif lined with muslin forming baby's body wrap and with morning star emblem beaded on rawhide panel above cap. Bonnet cap, with deerskin chin tie, has red and white beaded design of simple stripes with accents of green, pink, medium blue, and cobalt, length 37". A wonderful 1870... > Item Details
Sioux Catlinite Bowl and Stem,
Lot # 610 - Sioux Catlinite Bowl and Stem,
tubular "T" shaped bowl with long anterior angled projection, rectangular stem with horizontal and vertical finely grooved lines, all mounted on mahogany plaque with copper wires, length of bowl 9.25" x height 4.75"; length of stem 15.25". > Item Details
Hopi Tray with Katsina,
Lot # 17 - Hopi Tray with Katsina,
coiled yucca in natural and aniline dyed red, blue, and yellow with central image of katsina wearing a large radiating tableta, diameter 13". > Item Details
Northwest Coast Halibut Hook,
Lot # 862 - Northwest Coast Halibut Hook,
Tlingit(?), carved of soft wood, red, green, and black painted fish, metal hook, and cord bindings, length 11.5". > Item Details
Moose Hide Wall Pocket,
Lot # 731 - Moose Hide Wall Pocket,
spruce or fir covered with smoke-tanned moose hide, with central floral motif beaded in green, cobalt, red, amber, and yellow cut beads, two moose hooves lined with satin and nailed to board, edge beaded, length 13" x width 9". > Item Details
Lot # 492 - Zuni "Deer in His House" Jar,
red and black-on-cream slip with slightly indented base, black internal rim and lip, spirit breaks. Eight deer with their "heartline" depicted on body of vessel, two large central medallions, height 7.5" x diameter 8". A wonderfully potted vessel with a beautiful patina. > Item Details
Tony and Juanita Peña, San Ildefonso Vase,
Lot # 519 - Tony and Juanita Peña, San Ildefonso Vase,
stone-polished black-on-black jar with gourd-shaped body and long triangular feathers extend down the attenuated neck, Avanyu slithers around base, signed "Tony & Juanita/ S.I.P.," height 12" x diameter 7.5". Both Antonio and Juanita have their work published in El Palacio Dec. 1945(12):271-72 and ... > Item Details
Navajo  Rings,
Lot # 217 - Navajo Rings,
lot of 4. Includes one ring with large, oval, center turquoise, length 1.25", surrounded by a twisted rope, approximate size 9; PLUS a cluster ring with four turquoises forming a cross, each separated by stamped dots, and with a split shank, approximate size 9; PLUS a small ring with four tiny turqu... > Item Details
Athapaskan Beaded Pouch,
Lot # 867 - Athapaskan Beaded Pouch,
a handsome pouch heavily beaded on both sides using an array of colors including pinks, red white heart, blues, yellow, greens, amber, and clear seed beads, dotted throughout and edged at opening with faceted metal beads, all on a fine purple corduroy. Purple, red, green and pink tasseled drawstring... > Item Details
Cheyenne Quilled and Beaded Doll,
Lot # 655 - Cheyenne Quilled and Beaded Doll,
beautifully crafted with cloth body, painted and beaded hide face, and buffalo hair. Doll wears traditional clothing and ornaments¯quilled and beaded smoked hide dress, leggings, and moccasins and dentalia shells earrings. Beaded belt holds knife sheath with bone knife, height 18". > Item Details
Assorted Silver Pins,
Lot # 211 - Assorted Silver Pins,
lot of 7. Includes one elegant, Navajo, sand cast concha with traditional stamping, width 2.5", PLUS one Mexican pin with señores seated on either side of a "V," probably for the victory in the Second World War, stamped "925" and "Mexico," width 1.75"; PLUS a beautifully, simple, curved Pueblo pin w... > Item Details
Unusual Apache/ Paiute Canteen,
Lot # 45 - Unusual Apache/ Paiute Canteen,
coiled willow, army inspired with two wrapped strap handles and small bottle-neck opening, lined with pitch, diameter 7.5". > Item Details
<i>Ahote</i> Katsina,
Lot # 569 - Ahote Katsina,
hand-carved from cottonwood with black case mask with yellow on top, pop eyes, horns, toothy snout, and star and moon painted in white on cheeks. Body painted reddish brown with yellow shoulders, forearms, and lower legs, height w/o Plexiglas stand, 11.5". > Item Details
Lot of Southwestern Pueblo Pottery,
Lot # 98 - Lot of Southwestern Pueblo Pottery,
lot of 3. Includes small cylindrical Hopi vessel decorated with alternating geometric patterns and black rim, bottom signed with incised triangular marking, height 4" x diameter 3"; PLUS small Santa Clara stone-polished red ware vessel, accession number on bottom, height 3" x diameter 3.5"; AND Sant... > Item Details
Cochiti Figural Pitcher,
Lot # 485 - Cochiti Figural Pitcher,
black-on-cream, fancifully sculpted with bear-like face, mouth is opening to pitcher, bold leaf elements on sides, dotted stirrup handle on back, height 8" x width 6.25". > Item Details
Great Lakes Quilled Birch Bark Glove Box and Frame,
Lot # 371 - Great Lakes Quilled Birch Bark Glove Box and Frame,
adorable set, with elongated rectangular lidded box decorated with white floral quillwork on sides, crisscrossed at seams, "GLOVES" written in white quills on top surrounded by budding vine, "X" and diamonds along edge of lid, length 12.25" x width 3.75" x depth 3.25"; AND a picture frame with white... > Item Details
Tlingit Coyote Mask,
Lot # 893 - Tlingit Coyote Mask,
hand-carved cedar with painted face and features in pale jade, red, and black, and with leather tie at rear, height 11.5" x width 7.25". In Northwest Coast mythology the coyote is the trickster, an important character to the people. > Item Details
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