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Tony Marsh (1954; USA)
5/17/2013 - Ceramics and Modern
Perforated Vessel ca 1990
Porcelain: dia. 20.25 in.

Marsh studied at Shimaoka Pottery with Tatsuzo Shimaoka whom Japan named a Living National Treasure in 1996 (see lot 4). From 1978 to 1981 Marsh worked for Shimaoka as a student and apprentice. However when it came to his own vision he did not follow the Japanese style. Rather he made his vessels transparent, opening up their volume with thousands of carefully placed hand drilled holes. Marsh is currently the chair of ceramics, California State University in Long Beach.
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Peter Voulkos (1924-2002; USA)
Lot # 84 - Peter Voulkos (1924-2002; USA)
Stack/Bottle 1975 Wood-fired stoneware: ht 26, dia. 17 inches; signed both across foot and on the side of vessel. Handsome, large wood-fired stoneware vessel with vibrant ash flashing (color ranges from powder blue through sienna to chocolate brown), porcelain inserts, a swirling cut leading to ... > Item Details
Wiener Werkstätte Corbel
Lot # 153 - Wiener Werkstätte Corbel
An early 20th century painted wooden corbel, presumably from the Wiener Werkstätte of America retail store. With Wiener Werkstätte of America stamp on back side. Also includes three Wiener Werkstätte "Happy New Year" cards and envelopes; Corbel ht. 7.5, wd. 12 in. > Item Details
Bernard Leach (1887-1979; Hong Kong/UK)
Lot # 2 - Bernard Leach (1887-1979; Hong Kong/UK)
Faceted Bowl with Carved Flower Interior ca 1970 Porcelain: ht. 3.5 in. x dia. 7.75 in.; artist stamp on side of foot Leach was particularly effective with porcelain. This ceramic body’s tight and less than plastic character when being thrown matched Leach's desire for control and shar... > Item Details
Paper Plates by Roy Lichtenstein
Lot # 198 - Paper Plates by Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997).  Screenprints, in yellow, red and blue on white paper plate.  From an unknown numbered edition, published by Bert Stern, and marked on back of each plate Roy Lichtenstein On 1st Inc, 1969.  An unopened packaged group of 10; diameter of each... > Item Details
Kurt Weiser (1950; USA)
Lot # 37 - Kurt Weiser (1950; USA)
Untitled Lidded Jar ca 1980 Raku glazed earthenware, ht. 17.5 in. x dia. 17 in.; signed on foot.  > Item Details
Virgil Ortiz (1969, USA) Cochiti
Lot # 53 - Virgil Ortiz (1969, USA) Cochiti
Animal (Tic) Figure 2003 Earthenware with slip and black wild spinach: ht. 8.5 in. x wd. 11 in. x dp. 8.5 in. > Item Details
Agamograph by Yaacov Agam
Lot # 249 - Agamograph by Yaacov Agam
Yaacov Agam (Israeli, b. 1928).  Mixed media, signed in margin with inscription; 15.25 x 14 in. (sight). > Item Details
Akio Takamori (1950; Japan/USA)
Lot # 63 - Akio Takamori (1950; Japan/USA)
Gate Keepers 2002 Stoneware and porcelain; largest  ht. 24 in., wd. 15 in., dp. 9 in. The pots that serve as heads are self-portraits of the artist, and refer to guardian figures through history, from the Chinese lion to European gargoyles.   Reference: Exhibited Akio Takamori:... > Item Details
Robert Turner (1913-2005; USA)
Lot # 23 - Robert Turner (1913-2005; USA)
High Square ca 1980 Stoneware: ht. 10 in. x wd. 8 in. x 8 in. Reference: Similar work illustrated Marsha Miro and Tony Hepburn Robert Turner: Shaping Silence: A Life in Clay, Tokyo and New York, Kodansha International, 2003 p, 42. > Item Details
<i>Melissa</i> by Giuseppe Pino
Lot # 194 - Melissa by Giuseppe Pino
Giuseppe Pino (b. 1939).  Oil on canvas, depicting a half nude facing away, signed l.r.  Housed in gilt frame with stenciling; 39 x 29 in. (sight). > Item Details
Michael Lucero (1953; USA)
Lot # 62 - Michael Lucero (1953; USA)
Young Lady with Ohr Hair (Pre-Columbus) 1991 Earthenware, ht. 19.25,  wd.12.75, dp. 6.5 in.; signed on right knee. The Pre-Columbian figures have a special place in Lucero’s oeuvre, bringing out the full range of his palette and sculptural inventiveness. The figure’s hair i... > Item Details
Charles Lotton Art Glass
Lot # 171 - Charles Lotton Art Glass
Charles Lotton (American, b. 1935). Glass sculpture signed and dated 1983; ht. 10.25 in. > Item Details
<i>St. Michael III</i> by Robert Motherwell
Lot # 215 - St. Michael III by Robert Motherwell
Robert Motherwell (American, 1915-1991).  Lithograph on rag paper, signed and numbered 44/99 l.r.; 41.5 x 32 in. (sight).  With additional provenance documents. > Item Details
Teak Floor Lamp
Lot # 135 - Teak Floor Lamp
20th century, likely Danish. A teakwood floor lamp; ht. 57 in. > Item Details
Richard Zane Smith (1955; USA) Wyandot
Lot # 51 - Richard Zane Smith (1955; USA) Wyandot
Corrugated Jar 1991 Earthenware: ht. 13.5 x dia. 15 inches; artist's signature on base. Richard Zane Smith works from a point of homage to the Wyandot tribes creation myths that say the world was created by putting clay on the back of a tortoise who then spread it until the earth was covered... > Item Details
Perpetual Face Vase
Lot # 138 - Perpetual Face Vase
American, 21st century. A perpetual face vase, marked TMS 2005; ht. 10, dia. 5 in. > Item Details
Cup Lithograph by Irv Tepper
Lot # 110 - Cup Lithograph by Irv Tepper
Irvin Tepper (American, b. 1947).  Lithograph on paper, with cup and saucer, inscriptions surrounding, signed and dated 1994 l.r., also numbered 11/30 l.l.; 21.5 x 29.5 in. (sight). > Item Details
<i>May 1962 #3</i> by Jack Hooper
Lot # 108 - May 1962 #3 by Jack Hooper
Jack Hooper (American, b. 1928).  Mixed media, including wood relief and oil on layered board over masonite, unsigned but identified on verso label; 12 x 18 in. (sight).   Hooper became recognized for his work in 1962, when he was included in an important exhibit between the Whitney Mus... > Item Details
<i>Untitled: #47</i> by Stanley Twardowicz
Lot # 105 - Untitled: #47 by Stanley Twardowicz
Stanley Twardowicz (American, b. 1917).  Mixed media on board, signed and titled on verso; 5.5 x 9 in. (sight). > Item Details
Peter Voulkos (1924-2002; USA)
Lot # 80 - Peter Voulkos (1924-2002; USA)
Untitled (Sculpture) 1957 Stoneware: ht. 28 in. x wd. 17 in. x dp. 11 in., signed near base. This important, unique, transitional work was shown on the artist’s epic Japanese retrospective. It is a link between his sculptural vessels such as Rocking Pot (1956) and his large-scale non-vesse... > Item Details
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