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CDV of Buffalo Bill Cody,
2005, Historic Americana / June 9-10
early albumen of young Cody in suit with black broad-brimmed hat and overcoat, imprint along bottom Sarony, 680 Broadway./BUFFALO BILL.

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Early Trade Belt Axe,
Lot # 1114 - Early Trade Belt Axe,
finely-made, simple, yet elegant, form with rectangular eye, downward flaring 4" x 3" wrought iron blade with steel edge and squared short poll end, with nice brown patina, total length 5.25". Mounted on original tapered hickory haft with rounded terminal and fine old polished patina, total length 1... > Item Details
Early British Cannon Priming Horn,
Lot # 988 - Early British Cannon Priming Horn,
with polychrome painted scene of Britannia holding Union Jack while setting fire to touch hole of a field piece of artillery, two eye screws set in horn to strap, turned overlapping plug end with threaded bulbous plug for filling and wrought brass end cap with steel spring lever pouring spout, fine ... > Item Details
Framed Frederick Douglass AQS,
Lot # 299 - Framed Frederick Douglass AQS,
12mo, penned on a sheet of lined paper, and dated 1868. For myself, I ask nothing I would not freely grant to all men. Douglass (1818-1891) was the famed abolitionist born into slavery who rose to play a prominent role in the campaign to abolish slavery. Archivally framed together with a engravin... > Item Details
Auburn, Alabama 1860 Powder Keg,
Lot # 585 - Auburn, Alabama 1860 Powder Keg,
16 wood strips held by three wrought iron straps. Side of barrel with black stenciled lettering Auburn Alabama INF. Top complete with two plugs with carved lettering 1860 GDS ALA. Overall height 12.5" and diameter 12." > Item Details
Civil War Photograph of Col. Theodore S. Bowers,
Lot # 630 - Civil War Photograph of Col. Theodore S. Bowers,
albumen, 5.5 x 8.5", April 1863, framed and glazed. Bowers was a printer by trade, and the start of war found him editor of the Register, a democratic journal, in Mount Carmel, IL. After the defeat of Union forces at the first battle of Bull Run, he raised a company of volunteers for the 48th Illino... > Item Details
Wonderful California Gold Rush Axe with California State Seal,
Lot # 1117 - Wonderful California Gold Rush Axe with California State Seal,
steel axe head marked with incised state seal on one side. Logo reads Imperial All Steel in two flourished banners with the word Eureka. A three-quarter laurel wreath surrounds the seal. We are uncertain of the age of this axe, although the state seal was adopted by the Constitutional Convention in ... > Item Details
CDV of Lt. General Richard Taylor,
Lot # 664 - CDV of Lt. General Richard Taylor,
a “Brady” photograph of “Dick” Taylor in civilian attire published by Anthony immediate post-war with pencil identification on recto. Son of President Zachary Taylor, Richard Taylor was a frontiersman, soldier, landowner and politician who was ultimately promoted to Lieutenant General in 1864 servin... > Item Details
Muybridge Stereoview of Modoc Scouts,
Lot # 1169 - Muybridge Stereoview of Modoc Scouts,
including Donald McCay, on a regular-sized mount, with "The Modoc Wars" imprint. Muybridge's series on this 1873 event remain one of the few "on the spot" Indian Wars photographic records. This one of the key views. > Item Details
Lincoln Campaign & Memorial Tokens.
Lot # 115 - Lincoln Campaign & Memorial Tokens.
group of three (3) Lincoln medals: an example of the classic “Rail Splitter” token, holed at top as usually found, brass, quite nice; a polished specimen of AL-1864-67 in copper, Lincoln on one side, his running-mate Johnson on the verso, 19mm.; and an example of the “Martyr for Liberty” mourning me... > Item Details
Double-Barrel Belgian Percussion Pistol,
Lot # 1008 - Double-Barrel Belgian Percussion Pistol,
with .68 caliber 7.3" round side-by-side barrels with replaced bead front sight, unmarked scroll engraved steel locks, hammers, trigger guard and butt plate with langet. Steel ramrod, walnut stock with checked grip, total length 13". > Item Details
Large Wilson and Patriotic World War One Grouping,
Lot # 194 - Large Wilson and Patriotic World War One Grouping,
thirty (30) small celluloids, mostly .9" and .6" buttons, some duplication, ten of which are considered "patriotics" such as those from the Save America Committee. An interesting mix -- the small For Me and Mine are our favorites! > Item Details
Currier and Ives <i>Grand National Banner</i> of Grant/Colfax,
Lot # 140 - Currier and Ives Grand National Banner of Grant/Colfax,
depicting Grant (for president) and Colfax (for vice president) NATIONAL UNION REPUBLICAN BANNER, 1868. Matted and placed in a contemporary wooden frame; framed dimensions; 16.5" x 21.5". > Item Details
Hand-Forged  Revolutionary War Era Halberd,
Lot # 938 - Hand-Forged Revolutionary War Era Halberd,
9" wrought iron spear point with pierced holes, tapering to a point. Crescent-shaped blade with pierced holes, downward-pointing beak presents pierced holes and scrolled finials. Conical socket connects to staff with one pin. Socket presents incised grooves and segmented design motifs. 66" patinated... > Item Details
CDV of General John C. Robinson, CMOH,
Lot # 431 - CDV of General John C. Robinson, CMOH,
published by Anthony after Brady with contemporary pencil identification on verso. Robinson became Colonel of the 1st Michigan Infantry in September 1861. He was promoted to Brigadier General in April 1862 and had been given a division in the 1st Corps by the time of Fredericksburg. On July 1 at G... > Item Details
Civil War CDV of Admiral David Farragut,
Lot # 655 - Civil War CDV of Admiral David Farragut,
with imprint of C.D. Frederick's & Co., New York. The proverbial "Old Salt" joined the navy during the War of 1812 and for his brilliant victories at New Orleans and Mobile Bay was awarded the rank of full Admiral, the first officer in the tradition-bound United States Navy to hold the elusive rank... > Item Details
Six Harding-Coolidge Watch Fobs,
Lot # 201 - Six Harding-Coolidge Watch Fobs,
gilt fobs suspended from their original leather straps. Each fob – designed for suspension with a pocket-watch – is quite minty. The 1920 campaign against the Democratic ticket of Cox and Roosevelt was the first to have election returns broadcast on the radio... station KDKA of Pittsburgh set the p... > Item Details
New Hampshire Leather Bell-Crown Shako,
Lot # 1089 - New Hampshire Leather Bell-Crown Shako,
ca. 1821-1832. Highly-polished black jacked leather helmet with brass eagle planchet with its right talon clutching an olive branch and its left holding arrows. Brass overlapping scales attached to hat by two brass buttons depicting eagle similar to one on frontispiece. Rear of hat is slightly poin... > Item Details
Powder Horn with Engraved Bowie Knife Dueling Scene,
Lot # 997 - Powder Horn with Engraved Bowie Knife Dueling Scene,
illustrated in The Bowie Knife Unsheathing An American Legend by Norm Flayderman, Andrew Mowbray, Lincoln, R.I. publisher, 2004, page 315. Engraved horn with two gentlemen wearing tri-corner hats, button down waist coats, shaking hands before commencing the duel, each grasps a bowie knife in their ... > Item Details
38-Star Parade Flag,
Lot # 886 - 38-Star Parade Flag,
the 38 stars are configured in straight rows surrounding an offset circle of 5 smaller stars encircling an additional equal-sized star, note that there is great scatter to the vertical axis of the stars, printed on cotton, Colorado was admitted as our 38th State, ca 1876, 12" x 17.75." Of the LEAST... > Item Details
Rare Stereoview of a Sioux Chief by Gurney,
Lot # 1171 - Rare Stereoview of a Sioux Chief by Gurney,
of New York City. Mis-identified on the verso as "Captain Jack, Chief of the Modocks [sic]." He wears a necklace featuring a cdv of Ulysses S. Grant. Presumably he was a member of a treaty delegation who visited both Washington, and later, New York City. > Item Details
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