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Eskimo Carved Ivory Dog Sleds with Teams of Dogs,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, March 31
lot of 13, includes nine dogs of various sizes, average length 1.25"; AND four sleds, two with chain-link leads, length 2.5", 3.25", 2", and 1".

Property of Western Reserve Historical Society

All with red inked accession numbers, some parts of chain broken.
Sold: $2,300.00
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Pima Basket with Figures,
Lot # 285 - Pima Basket with Figures,
coiled of willow and devil's claw depicting a row of 8 figures standing above a row of 5 horses, height 6.25" x diameter 11.5". > Item Details
Eskimo Fishing Rods with Weights,
Lot # 44 - Eskimo Fishing Rods with Weights,
lot of 3, includes simple rod with carved dip in handle length 14"; PLUS another rod with shuttle shape, baleen string and banded slate sinker with two holes, rod length 20", sinker length 4"; AND another banded slate sinker with two holes and with leather ties and finely woven string, length 4.5". > Item Details
San Ildefonso Wedding Vase by Maria and Julian Martinez,
Lot # 178 - San Ildefonso Wedding Vase by Maria and Julian Martinez,
black-on-black, with beautifully crafted shape and decorated with foliate and geometric motifs; signed Marie & Julian, height 6" x width at spouts 5.5". > Item Details
Acoma Olla,
Lot # 162 - Acoma Olla,
black-on-white, with globular body, slightly tapering neck, and indented base. Painted with a complex hatched design broken into three horizontal friezes, height 11.5" x diameter 13". > Item Details
Northern California Baskets,
Lot # 538 - Northern California Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes a twined basket height 3" x diameter 5.5"; AND height 3.5" x diameter 6.75". This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
Santo Domingo Olla,
Lot # 194 - Santo Domingo Olla,
black-on-white, with globular body, restricted neck, and flared rim. Flowers with split leaves, dotted stem, and curling petals wrap around the vessel, height 11.5" x diameter 11". > Item Details
Navajo Germantown Eye-Dazzler Weaving,
Lot # 226 - Navajo Germantown Eye-Dazzler Weaving,
using colors of bright yellow, red, blue, green, brown, and cream wool to form an all over serrated diamond pattern, corners augmented with red fluffy tassels, 11 warp/inch, 38 weft/inch; 61.5" x 60". > Item Details
Acoma Disk by Emma Lewis and Cochiti Storyteller by Rita Lewis,
Lot # 168 - Acoma Disk by Emma Lewis and Cochiti Storyteller by Rita Lewis,
lot of 2. Includes black-on-white disk executed in a Mimbres-style depicting two pregnant women, one giving birth; pierced at top for hanging, signed Emma Lewis/ Acoma, "78", diameter 5.5"; AND a black- and red-on-white storyteller with a single child on her lap, height 5" x length 3.25". EMMA LEW... > Item Details
Hopi Third Mesa Wicker Plaque,
Lot # 271 - Hopi Third Mesa Wicker Plaque,
with some age and with katsina image, possibly Crow Mother, diameter 10.5". > Item Details
Wasco Corn Husk Gambling Bag,
Lot # 128 - Wasco Corn Husk Gambling Bag,
twined and covered with 10 butterflies, 10 deer, and 5 birds, with original leather wrapped rim, height 12" x diameter 3.5". Museum label states bag is possibly from the Hoh River, Washington. > Item Details
Three Eskimo Photographs,
Lot # 3 - Three Eskimo Photographs,
ca 1900, each taken near Nome, Alaska and framed under glass in simple gold-gilt frame. The first shows a young mother with her infant fast asleep in the hood of her parka and is titled in the negative Wegaruk and Copyright 1905 by Lomen Bros. Nome #17, frame 8.5" x 10.75"; PLUS another photo of tw... > Item Details
Tlingit Carved Wooden Soapberry Spoons,
Lot # 72 - Tlingit Carved Wooden Soapberry Spoons,
lot of 3, each simply carved in traditional form; including one with an octagonal knob topping handle, length 12.25"; PLUS another smaller spoon with deep reddish-brown patina, length 11.5"; AND the last with an elongated elegant style, length 13.75". Steve Brown (Personal Communication, December 20... > Item Details
Sioux Parfleche Envelope,
Lot # 425 - Sioux Parfleche Envelope,
with a stylized floral pattern painted in red, orange, blue, and green with black outlining. Single flap edged with cotton and finished with red, white, and blue rawhide slats and tin cones filled with red wool yarn, length 12.5" x width 8". > Item Details
<I>Nuvak-china</I>, Snow Katsina,
Lot # 156 - Nuvak-china, Snow Katsina,
with black, red, white, blue, and green paint. Terraced diamonds around eyes and rainclouds painted on back of head, cotton string around neck, and remnants of old tag on back, height w/o wooden base 9.5". > Item Details
Group of Santa Clara Blackware Wedding Vases,
Lot # 542 - Group of Santa Clara Blackware Wedding Vases,
lot of 5, includes a signed Minnie/ Santa Clara, height 8" x diameter 3.75"; PLUS another signed Pauline Marie/ Santa Clara Pueblo/ 11 2005, height 7" x diameter 2.5"; PLUS another with height 5" x diameter 2.5"; PLUS another with height 5" x diameter 3"; AND last with height 4.75" x diameter 2.5". ... > Item Details
Carved Whale Bone Trap Trigger,
Lot # 93 - Carved Whale Bone Trap Trigger,
with backward curving stake and tip carved to represent a bird effigy, possibly a merganser, riding a sea serpent, length 11.5 > Item Details
Paiute Polychrome Basket,
Lot # 112 - Paiute Polychrome Basket,
finely coiled with bold flaring motifs in devil's claw and a reddish-brown plant fiber. Basket with delicate whip-stitched self-rim, height 4.25" x diameter 8.5". > Item Details
Navajo and Apache Baskets,
Lot # 575 - Navajo and Apache Baskets,
lot of 2, includes a Navajo with two rod and bundle coiling and with false braid on the rim. This traditional basket with aniline dyed elements creating the design has the expected spirit break and an old tan button attached to center with fuzzy red and turquoise thread. This basket could well be ... > Item Details
Micmac Beaded Black Velvet Pouch,
Lot # 513 - Micmac Beaded Black Velvet Pouch,
with black silk lining embroidered with two pink roses. Exterior of pouch with white and teal beading creating a lively curlicue pattern that moves over entire surface, length 7" x width 6", (Painter 1991: 61,61). > Item Details
Eskimo Carved Ivory Buttons,
Lot # 15 - Eskimo Carved Ivory Buttons,
lot of 15, includes a set of five whales detailed with incised inked circles and baleen eyes, average length 1.5"; PLUS a set of five seals with linear and circular designs on body, remnants of baleen detailing, average length 2"; PLUS 2 seals, length 1.5" and 1.75"; PLUS a loon, length 1.5"; PLUS a... > Item Details
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