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Eskimo Carved Ivory Dog Sleds with Teams of Dogs,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, March 31
lot of 13, includes nine dogs of various sizes, average length 1.25"; AND four sleds, two with chain-link leads, length 2.5", 3.25", 2", and 1".

Property of Western Reserve Historical Society

All with red inked accession numbers, some parts of chain broken.
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Northern Plains Beaded Leggings,
Lot # 484 - Northern Plains Beaded Leggings,
possibly Crow, made of black trade cloth trimmed with old gold colored silk ribbon. Bold geometric linear designs executed on red wool and backed with canvas(?) which is then applied to legging; bead size is very small and colors include white, pink, cobalt, sky blue, emerald green, and yellow; one... > Item Details
<i>Sarino Canyon, Arizona</i> by William Meuttman,
Lot # 337 - Sarino Canyon, Arizona by William Meuttman,
oil on canvas, signed W. Meuttman lower right. Title is inscribed on stretcher, as well as on two labels on verso foam core including Altermann Galleries label; 11.5" x 17.75" (w/o frame), 17.5" x 24" (w/frame).WILLIAM MEUTTMAN (1869-1948) was born to German parents in Cincinnati, Ohio. He trained... > Item Details
Eskimo Ivory Pipe,
Lot # 32 - Eskimo Ivory Pipe,
with seal resting on front of pipe, surface of pipe decorated with an elaborate pattern of scrimshawed concentric circles in red and black ink, carved ivory bowl, accession record indicates this pipe was collected in 1906, length 5.75". > Item Details
Navajo <i>Yei</i> Weaving,
Lot # 231 - Navajo Yei Weaving,
of handspun wool in colors of blue, red, black, and cream against a gray ground. Textile with 4 yei figures surrounded by an attenuated Rainbow Guardian, 8 warp/inch x 28 weft/inch; 81" x 67.5". > Item Details
Santa Clara Redware Jar by Teresita Naranjo,
Lot # 183 - Santa Clara Redware Jar by Teresita Naranjo,
carved with upward step and sharp downward feather designs, signed Teresita Naranjo, height 4.5" x diameter 4.5". > Item Details
Northwest Coast Wooden Bowls,
Lot # 61 - Northwest Coast Wooden Bowls,
lot of 3, and caved in traditional form; one oval, length 7"; PLUS a small rectangular bowl with flat rim, length 6.25"; AND a larger rectangular bowl with flat rim, length 8.25". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Possible Bag,
Lot # 421 - Sioux Beaded Hide Possible Bag,
sinew-sewn using glass bead colors of dark and medium blue, pea green, red white-heart, greasy yellow, and white creating forked and pronged devices alternating on front of bag and sides. Closing flap designed with nested rectangles. Pairs of tin cones filled with orange-dyed horsehair line edges, ... > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 471 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn and beaded in colors of dark green, rosy red, baby blue, black, and white creating "buffalo tracks" on the vamps and bold hour-glass motifs around sole, length 10.75". > Item Details
Early Eskimo Tools,
Lot # 47 - Early Eskimo Tools,
lot of 3, includes fossilized point incised with ancient Eskimo motifs of circles and lines and with piece of flint still in point, length 4"; PLUS fossilized bone scraper/cup, length 3.6"; AND a lovely hand-carved and incised fossilized ivory implement of unknown use, length 2.5". > Item Details
Pomo Miniature Oval Basket,
Lot # 127 - Pomo Miniature Oval Basket,
coiled with delicate triangles on sides and opposing bands of stacked triangles on either end, length 6" x height 1.6". A few original feathers remain, others are only stubby remnants. > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 240 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
modified storm pattern consisting of hand-spun wool in colors of brown, cream, and red with a stepped border and blocky central image, 82.5" x 52". > Item Details
Two Stone Carvings,
Lot # 586 - Two Stone Carvings,
signed Cleveland Sandy, height 6.5"; AND smaller signed Cada-Ha-Wey-Noda, height 3.25". This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
Navajo Late Classic Second Phase Chief Blanket,
Lot # 218 - Navajo Late Classic Second Phase Chief Blanket,
ca 1870s, woven of native hand-spun indigo, deep vegetal green, dark brown, and cream and commercial three-ply Saxony cochineal red and aniline red. With a traditional 12-spot pattern containing green stripes in rectangular anchor points (Blomberg 1994:58). "Signature lines," or two 3" indigo lines ... > Item Details
Mounted Plains Indian by Daro Flood,
Lot # 374 - Mounted Plains Indian by Daro Flood,
bronze on bronze base measuring 18" in length and 10" wide. Bronze itself 18" in height. Rocky base with foundry mark of a cactus, inscribed Daro and numbered 25/30.Daro Flood (1954- ) is a noted Indian sculptor active in Arizona. > Item Details
Santo Domingo Jar,
Lot # 195 - Santo Domingo Jar,
black- and red-on-cream, with bulbous body, flared rim, and slightly concave base. Two bold birds with squat bodies look hungrily at the berried plants which separate them, height 11" x diameter 10". > Item Details
Hopi and Navajo Bolo Ties,
Lot # 317 - Hopi and Navajo Bolo Ties,
lot of 4. Includes an all silver Hopi bolo with a sun face and handmade tips, each with cone dangle, diameter of face 2"; PLUS a Zuni bolo with channel inlay in turquoise, coral, melon shell, malachite, and jet, diameter of disc 1.5"; PLUS a Navajo bolo with large turquoise set between 2 sterling l... > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 557 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
woven of hand-spun wool in a natural pallet of cream, gray, and black, 62" x 52.5". This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
<i>Mounted Sioux Warrior</i> by Henry Farny
Lot # 340 - Mounted Sioux Warrior by Henry Farny
watercolor and gouache on paper, signed and dated Farny/98 lower right. A vibrant portrayal of a mounted Sioux moving toward the viewer, a recurring figure in Farny's works; 10" x 14" (sight), 18" x 22" (w/frame).Includes letter from Denny Young, author of Henry Farny, Watson-Guptill Publications, ... > Item Details
<i>Papago Girl</i> by Edward Curtis,
Lot # 143 - Papago Girl by Edward Curtis,
framed and marked at bottom under image From Copyright Photograph 1907 by E. S. Curtis and Photogravure John Andrew V Son and on top of image Plate 48, photograph w/o frame 13.25" x 17.6", photograph w/ frame 22.5" x 26" > Item Details
Cree Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 514 - Cree Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
thread- and sinew-sewn with burgeoning florals on vamps using small (13/0) light blue and faceted medium blue, rose, red white-heart, white, greasy yellow, and bottle green glass seed beads. Cuffs edged with black velvet, length 6.75". > Item Details
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