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Eskimo Carved Ivory Dog Sleds with Teams of Dogs,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, March 31
lot of 13, includes nine dogs of various sizes, average length 1.25"; AND four sleds, two with chain-link leads, length 2.5", 3.25", 2", and 1".

Property of Western Reserve Historical Society

All with red inked accession numbers, some parts of chain broken.
Sold: $2,300.00
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Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 257 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
western reservation style, of cream, black, brown, and red and designed with center cut diamonds with squash blossom centers and bordered by halved stacked diamonds, 9 warp/inch x 36 weft/inch; 64" x 33.5". > Item Details
Oval Apache Basketry Tray,
Lot # 288 - Oval Apache Basketry Tray,
coiled of willow and devil's claw forming a central sawtooth design surrounded by a crenellated border, length 14.5" x width 11.25". > Item Details
Eskimo Carving from Fossilized Walrus Ivory Chair Back,
Lot # 12 - Eskimo Carving from Fossilized Walrus Ivory Chair Back,
depicting numerous human figures and animals in bas relief on front and back, holes drilled on underside edge probably for chair attachment, length 12.5" x width 2.25". > Item Details
<i>Rodeo Rider</i> by Olaf Carl Wieghorst,
Lot # 341 - Rodeo Rider by Olaf Carl Wieghorst,
oil on board, signed lower left O. Wieghorst; 9.75" x 13.75" (w/o frame), 23.75" x 27.75" (w/frame).OLAF WIEGHORST (1899-1988), was born in Denmark and made his way to New York in 1917. Fascinated with the Wild West, Wieghorst enlisted in the U.S. Calvary in Mexico. He later worked with the Mounte... > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 252 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
western reservation style, hand-spun wool with bands of flattened, serrated hexagons in colors of black, cream, and browns against a red ground, 8 warp/inch x 24 weft/inch; 65.25" x 51". > Item Details
Cochiti Pitcher,
Lot # 213 - Cochiti Pitcher,
black- and red-on-white, potted with a round body, cylindrical spout, and coil handle. Pitcher depicts 2 birds looking hungrily at berried bush, height 5.5" x 6.75". > Item Details
D. F. Barry Cabinet Card of Two Bear, Hunkpapa Lakota,
Lot # 405 - D. F. Barry Cabinet Card of Two Bear, Hunkpapa Lakota,
with printed and applied caption and Barry’s Bismarck, D.T. studio imprint on verso. This image has been cropped by Barry. In the uncropped version Two Bear points upwards with his right hand, which can partially be seen along left margin. The significance of this gesture is not noted. > Item Details
Santa Clara Carved Blackware Jar by Margaret Tafoya,
Lot # 187 - Santa Clara Carved Blackware Jar by Margaret Tafoya,
with hooked and split step motifs hanging from rim, signed Margaret Tafoya/ Santa Clara, height 5" x diameter 5". > Item Details
Makah Lidded Trinket Basket,
Lot # 59 - Makah Lidded Trinket Basket,
with closed warp twining and plaited base and with overall motif of swirling elongated arrows punctuated with large orange dot on lid, height 2.5" x diameter 4.5". Illustrated in American Indian Artifacts: The John Painter Collection (Painter 1991: 178). > Item Details
<I>Indian Fording Stream</i>, by Gerry Metz,
Lot # 351 - Indian Fording Stream, by Gerry Metz,
opaque watercolor on board, signed Gerry Metz lower left corner; 10.5" x 14.5" (sight), 20" x 23.5" (w/frame).GERRY MICHAEL METZ (1943- ) is a sculptor and painter residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. His preferred subject matter is that of the Old West. > Item Details
Plains Throwing Game Hoop,
Lot # 467 - Plains Throwing Game Hoop,
constructed from wooden ring laced with strips of hide leaving a hole in center for throwing stick, diameter 9". Entire hoop covered with red/brown pigment. > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Buffalo Hide Cradle Cover,
Lot # 463 - Sioux Beaded Buffalo Hide Cradle Cover,
fully beaded using colors of red white-heart, cobalt, pony trader blue, and rose against a white ground. A bold design of chevrons and forked devices flank a square nested within a diamond that repeats on both sides and top of cover. Recycled parfleche tab, beaded with a "filled up" design (Hail 19... > Item Details
Kiowa Beaded Hide Whetstone Case,
Lot # 388 - Kiowa Beaded Hide Whetstone Case,
sinew-sewn on harness leather with lanes of rose, cobalt, translucent green, and white glass beads outlining front, back, and cover of case, fine fringe finishes both cover and body, hide thong loop, length (w/ fringe) 7.25". > Item Details
Shoshone Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag with Pipe Stem,
Lot # 134 - Shoshone Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag with Pipe Stem,
sinew-sewn with glass seed beads in colors of green, dark blue, red, white, and greasy yellow forming hourglass designs on both sides; beaded lanes extends along sides of throat to opening of bag. Traces of red pigment found around opening; long fringe with beaded edges finishes bag, length 22". Att... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 470 - Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn and beaded in colors of lime green, deep cobalt, baby blue, greasy yellow, emerald green, white, red white-heart, and accented with faceted marcasites. Design in "buffalo track" pattern on vamp and stepped block pattern around sole, narrow lane of cobalt beads covers center heel seam, le... > Item Details
Modoc Painted Wooden Bow,
Lot # 539 - Modoc Painted Wooden Bow,
decorated with black elongated triangles and wavy lines that accentuate the curvy shape of the weapon, length 39.75". This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
Santa Clara Blackware Bowl by Miana Pablito,
Lot # 191 - Santa Clara Blackware Bowl by Miana Pablito,
of globular form and with pierced design reminiscent of a child with an umbilical cord, incised raincloud design extends from child's belly, height 7.75" x diameter 10.75". > Item Details
Rio Grande Weaving,
Lot # 260 - Rio Grande Weaving,
tightly woven of commercial wool with wool warps, using colors of black and cream against red ground. With central Penitente-type motif depicting a bow and arrow, Christian cross, and whirling log, all bordered by a Greek key design, 9 warp/inch, 44 weft/inch; length 87" x width 52". > Item Details
Micmac Lidded Birchbark Box Covered with Quillwork,
Lot # 498 - Micmac Lidded Birchbark Box Covered with Quillwork,
in typical chevron and geometric designs, height 2" x 2.75" (Painter 2003: 123). > Item Details
Nez Perce Corn Husk Flat Bags,
Lot # 132 - Nez Perce Corn Husk Flat Bags,
lot of 2 twined bags. Includes 1 with geometric decorations executed in wool yarn in colors of fuchsia, green, purple, orange, and cream and with dyed corn husk accents in colors of yellow, blue and purple, bag with leather handles, length 10.25" x width 9.25"; AND another larger bag with triangula... > Item Details
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