Lot 1058    

* Page Lewis Arms Company .22 Rifle,
2007, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, May 2
.22 caliber, 22" barrel, serial number 1422. Blued finish walnut stock and forearm.

Ex. Jerry Branton

Metal surfaces retains ca 80% original blue finish, but thinning. Wood with some scratches, dents and mars. Bore is excellent. Mechanically functional.
Sold: $149.50
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Three Powder Horns,
Lot # 1244 - Three Powder Horns,
one powder charger with brass furniture. Inscribed in script IWL to DHL. Overall length 9". Second horn is 10". Third horn is 9" horn dated 1862. Opposite side with engraved eagle and U.S. > Item Details
Lot of Combination Tools and Screwdrivers,
Lot of Five Bayonets,
Lot # 1104 - Lot of Five Bayonets,
one Winchester Lee bayonet complete with scabbard and marked on the hilt Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Two German military bayonets with the saw-blade teeth on the edge. One has 19" blade, the other has a 14.5" blade. Plus one machete. > Item Details
Colt Single-Action Revolver,
Lot # 973 - Colt Single-Action Revolver,
.45 caliber, 4.75" barrel, serial number 50024. Single-line barrel address. Three-line patent markings on frame. HN stamped on all parts. Wood grips and nickeled finish. Void of U.S. markings on frame. > Item Details
Two Mediterranean-Style Jack Knives,
Lot # 1161 - Two Mediterranean-Style Jack Knives,
19th century, includes example with curved single-edged forged steel blade with tapered curving terminal loop for finger grip, attached to grip at corner of blade with single steel rivet with brass washers. Grip is a single-piece mountain goat horn, all with fine old patina, total length open 10”, c... > Item Details
Reproduction Civil War Sword,
Lot # 1250 - Reproduction Civil War Sword,
30.5" blade. Leather grips bound with gold wire. Metal scabbard. > Item Details
French Soldier Watercolor Signed <i>Tholey</i>,
Lot # 1210 - French Soldier Watercolor Signed Tholey,
signed lower right. Image of a European soldier with bugle mounted on white horse. 9.25" x 7.25" (w/o frame), 12" x 10.25" w/ gilded wood frame. Augustus Tholey (?-1898), was a lithographer and pastel portraitist who moved to Philadelphia from Alsace-Lorraine in 1848. > Item Details
Early 19th Century South Central Pennsylvania,  Screw Tip Powder Horn,
Lot # 758 - Early 19th Century South Central Pennsylvania, Screw Tip Powder Horn,
with a double twist allowing it to conform to the right side of the wearer's body. Fairly shallow, turned base plug extends approximately 0.94" below the bottom of the horn. Brass strap button extends an extra 0.5". Four wooden pegs attach the horn to the base plug. A light groove is inscribed aroun... > Item Details
Three Belgian  Boxlock Percussion Pistols,
Lot # 1197 - Three Belgian Boxlock Percussion Pistols,
two are .40 caliber with 2" barrels. Other is .45 caliber with 3" barrel. > Item Details
American Hunting Sword and Scabbard,
Lot # 673 - American Hunting Sword and Scabbard,
24" European blade, bone spiral grooved handle with horse head. Leather scabbard. This sword was American made. > Item Details
Samurai Sword with Scabbard,
Lot # 1220 - Samurai Sword with Scabbard,
27.2” single edged Katana steel blade has a beveled top edge and Midare-style (irregular) Hamon (heat treatment on edge). The Nakago (tang) has filled finish and is signed on left face Noshu Kanemichi with second painted inscription below and single Nakago-ana (mounting hole), with year of the Emper... > Item Details
Two Pair of Indian Gloves,
Lot # 1232 - Two Pair of Indian Gloves,
ca 1920. Larger pair with red, blue, orange, green, black and white beads. Smaller pair with violet, grape, green, silver, pink and green beads. Both gloves complete with fringe. > Item Details
Lot of Two Baby Hammerless Revolvers,
Lot # 1054 - Lot of Two Baby Hammerless Revolvers,
.22 caliber, 1" barrel with no serial numbers. First with square butt and the second gun with round butt. First with pearl grips and the second gun with hard rubber grips. Both marked on frame Baby Hammerless. > Item Details
Lot of <i>Savage Arms</i> Brochures,
Lot # 480 - Lot of Savage Arms Brochures,
two are new, the rest are old. Catalogue No. 61 is very colorful with the Indian chief logo on it. > Item Details
Lot of Five Gun Forearms,
Lot # 217 - Lot of Five Gun Forearms,
three for the Model 1890, two for the Model 1906. > Item Details
Large English Folding Knife,
Lot # 850 - Large English Folding Knife,
10.5" blade, total length is 22.25" opened and 12" closed. Maker's mark NO over BLE deeply struck in the blade. Horn handles with the date July 5 1818. Punch-dotted in the handle and on the reverse is a name JA Oayks. > Item Details
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