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Stephen Temple Engraved Powder Horn Dated 1776,
2007, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, May 2
16" length, raised relief rings and spout. Smooth throat and engrailed recessed edge. Elaborately engraved with animals and scenes of bounty having Stephen Temple and Roxbiar dated 1776., presumably Roxbury, Massachusetts, the epicenter of the Patriot movement following Lexington and Concord. Nothing could be found regarding Stephen Temple in 1776.

Ex Nathan L. Swayze Collection

Horn has a rich dark mellow yellow look. Missing spout cap.
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York County, Pennsylvania Screw Tip Powder Horn,
Lot # 761 - York County, Pennsylvania Screw Tip Powder Horn,
one circle of rope molding carved near the strap button which is missing. Two parallel lines cut around the bottom edge of the horn which is attached to the base plug with three wooden pegs centered within the parallel lines. Two parallel lines inscribed along the neck near the shoulder above the st... > Item Details
<i>Frederick Bigelow </i>Engraved Powder Horn Dated <i>1775</i>,
Lot # 629 - Frederick Bigelow Engraved Powder Horn Dated 1775,
14" length. Engrailed edge with smooth spout. Wood base is fastened to the horn by wood pins. The center of the base has a brass ring. Horn reads, Fraderick Bigelow His Horn Made at Roxbury Juney 4, 1775. The Rose is Red the CR Green The Days Are Past Which I Have Seen 1775 Canaday in Connettecut. H... > Item Details
Samurai Sword,
Lot # 1224 - Samurai Sword,
with 25.4” single-edged Katana steel blade has a beveled top edge and Sugba-style (straight) Hamon (heat treatment on edge). The Nakago (tang) has filled finish and is signed on left face Shigemasa with single Nakago-ana (mounting hole), total length without mounts, 33.5”. The hilt mounts are incomp... > Item Details
Lot of Two 3-Draw European Telescopes,
Lot # 1157 - Lot of Two 3-Draw European Telescopes,
first with graduated scale from 300 to 10,000. Engraved Carval a 3 yard / dist yard. Leather-covered base. Second with Made in France marked on bottom complete with leather-covered base and carrying case wrapped in glazed cotton. > Item Details
Irwin's Patented 1861 Camp Chest and Contents,
Lot # 812 - Irwin's Patented 1861 Camp Chest and Contents,
solidly identified to Chaplain Emmon Kimber, 26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Chest stenciled on inside lid, Warne Cheevers Co. 125 North 4th St., St. Louis Manufacturers Irwin's Patent Dec. 17th, 1861. Chest is complete with paper lining and is painted in weathered buttermilk paint, with traces of ori... > Item Details
Winchester Household Thermometer,
* Savage Model 1899 Rifle,
Lot # 281 - * Savage Model 1899 Rifle,
.22 HP, 20" barrel, serial number 295984. Barrel with standard Savage markings. Top of receiver stamped Savage Model 99. Blued receiver and barrel. Pistol grip buttstock. Checkered buttstock and forearm. Rear adjustable wind gauge receiver sight. > Item Details
* Winchester Model 1906 Expert Pump-Action Rifle,
Lot # 33 - * Winchester Model 1906 Expert Pump-Action Rifle,
.22 short and long long rifle, 20" round barrel, serial number 651728B. Walnut buttstock and forearm. Nickel-plated frame and nickeled Lyman tang sight. > Item Details
Lot of Two French Bayonets,
Lot # 851 - Lot of Two French Bayonets,
20.5" length, blades are circular with four grooves cut through to the hilt. One with scabbard. > Item Details
M1850 Foot Officer's Sword,
Lot # 860 - M1850 Foot Officer's Sword,
ricasso stamped S & H. 31" blade, etched panels on each side with US and E. Pluribus Unum. Shagreen handles with wire wrap, brass hilt. No scabbard. > Item Details
Winchester Lawn Mower,
Lot # 169 - Winchester Lawn Mower,
a rare double-gear ball-bearing push lawn mower. High-grade cast side frames. Winchester company markings cast in the sides of the wheels. It has been painted red, green, - typical Winchester colors. > Item Details
Colt Root Model 2 Revolver,
Lot # 877 - Colt Root Model 2 Revolver,
.28 caliber, 3.5" barrel, serial number 13893. Nickel-plated finish with walnut grips marked on the top of barrel with a hand with finger pointing toward PT 1855 between two crosses. Two-line address and then two-line Hartford address. > Item Details
Lot of Eight Wooden Shot Shell Crates,
Lot # 429 - Lot of Eight Wooden Shot Shell Crates,
eight wooden crates missing their tops, five by Remington, one Peters, one Western and one by Ward's Red Head. > Item Details
Lot of Ten Savage Cartridge Boxes,
Lot # 306 - Lot of Ten Savage Cartridge Boxes,
includes one very early two-piece box with Savage logo and Indian Chief. Six red Savage ammunition boxes - five full and one empty. Two Western Cartridge Co. Savage ammunition boxes. Three boxes of 250-300. Two boxes of 30-30 Winchester and Savage. Savage box of 222 Remington. An empty box of Savage... > Item Details
Lot of Two Colt Dragoon Hammers,
Lot # 725 - Lot of Two Colt Dragoon Hammers,
original Colt Dragoon hammers for the second model or the third model. > Item Details
<i>Ten Poultney's Metallic Cartridges</i>,
Lot # 896 - Ten Poultney's Metallic Cartridges,
for the Gallager's Breech Loading Carbine 50/100 Calibre. > Item Details
Commemorative Little Big Horn Hunting Knife,
Lot # 614 - Commemorative Little Big Horn Hunting Knife,
walnut grips with etched blade commemorating The Battle of Little Big Horn. In a walnut case. > Item Details
Engraved Powder Horn,
Lot # 701 - Engraved Powder Horn,
13" horn with engravings of birds, houses and trees. Wood buttcap. Neck with turned spout. > Item Details
Lot of <i>Marble</i> Cleaning Supplies,
Lot # 212 - Lot of Marble Cleaning Supplies,
seven full boxes of Marbles Gun Cleaning Patches #870. Two full boxes of Marble's Gun Cleaning Patches No. 874 12,16 & 20 Gauge. Four glass jars of Marble's Satchi-Patches. Two boxes of Marble's Wrist Compass Number 187L. One empty Marbles Wrist Compass No. 187. Two full boxes of Marbles Pocket M... > Item Details
Lot of Four Shot Shell Boxes,
Lot # 326 - Lot of Four Shot Shell Boxes,
three full Federal shot shell boxes. One empty 16 gauge American Eagle box. > Item Details
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