Lot 979    

*Friedrich Jacob Bartels German Drilling Rifle
2010, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, April 28 & 29
16ga.x16ga.x8mm cal., 26" barrels, S/N 2510, Greener-type safety and crossbolt lock, horn triggerguard, single-set trigger, oak leaf and game scene engraving, trapdoor bullet compartment in buttplate.

This gun has mechanical issues and will require repairs by a competent gunsmith. The top lever has a broken spring and the gun does not cock when it is opened. There are several barely visible cracks in the buttstock at the wrist and top tang. There is no finish on the receiver and the barrels have turned a smooth brown patina. Bores are dark.
Sold: $805.00
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Lot of Edged Weapons
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French bayonet, Middle Eastern short sword, handmade Bowie knife. U.S. M5 Garand bayonet with web belt. Bucheimer revolver holster. Chinese court sword with tortoise scabbard. > Item Details
Model 1904 McClellan Saddle
Lot of Cavalry Accoutrements
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Early Belt Axe
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2" x 5" with forged axe bit and hammer-style head with nice ground scallop decorations; 14" overall. Original hickory haft; ca late 18th century. There are two initials engraved on the right side of the blade in script: a letter "G" and either a "J" or an "I." > Item Details
All Leather
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With brass rectangular eagle belt plate, thirty .45 caliber cartridge loops; made of bridle leather. > Item Details
Indian War Hospital Corp Canteen,
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10" in diameter, hand-stitched canvas cover is stenciled with U.S. markings. Leather shoulder strap. This would appear to be made for the Hospital Corps because it is larger than the "standard" canteen. According to Doug McChristian, The order of establishing the Hospital Corps specified that each m... > Item Details
Cosmopolitan Production Type Carbine
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Lot of  Eight U.S. Pattern 1874 Belts
Lot # 289 - Lot of Eight U.S. Pattern 1874 Belts
One Artillery Officer's belt in gold and red with saber hanger. Buckle with silver wreaths. One has the U.S. brass buckle. > Item Details
U.S. Bridles, Lot of Two
Half-Stock Percussion Rifle By J. Craig
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Chinese Temple Sword
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32" double-edged blade with engravings and gold and silver inlays. Rayskin scabbard with engraved fittings. > Item Details
Colt Artillery Revolver,
Lot # 189 - Colt Artillery Revolver,
.45 caliber, 5.5" round barrel, mixed numbers: frame numbered 18921, backstrap 114730, triggerguard 134110, cylinder is 4804, barrel number 9007, with small "p," double "P" and a small "c." Frame with two-line patent markings and marked US. Military inspector's initials on all parts. Wood grips with... > Item Details
U.S. Civil War Swords, Lot of 4
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1) Model 1850 Navy, 29.125" blade marked Clauberg, Solingen, 3/4 fuller. Eagle, anchor and USN on left side of blade, shield over anchor on right side, sea serpent bow guard with USN. Sharkskin and wire wrapped handle. No scabbard. 2) Ames Model 1860 cavalry sabre, 35" blade dated 1865, GM inspector... > Item Details
U.S. Model 1894 Bugle
Lot # 447 - U.S. Model 1894 Bugle
B-flat; 10" length; bell diameter 3.5". Complete with eagle on the brass. > Item Details
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