Lot 979    

*Friedrich Jacob Bartels German Drilling Rifle
2010, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, April 28 & 29
16ga.x16ga.x8mm cal., 26" barrels, S/N 2510, Greener-type safety and crossbolt lock, horn triggerguard, single-set trigger, oak leaf and game scene engraving, trapdoor bullet compartment in buttplate.

This gun has mechanical issues and will require repairs by a competent gunsmith. The top lever has a broken spring and the gun does not cock when it is opened. There are several barely visible cracks in the buttstock at the wrist and top tang. There is no finish on the receiver and the barrels have turned a smooth brown patina. Bores are dark.
Sold: $805.00
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Colt Cloverleaf Revolver
Lot # 809 - Colt Cloverleaf Revolver
.41 RF caliber, 1.5" round barrel, four shot, S/N 7216. > Item Details
Model 1861 U.S. Percussion Rifle-Musket
Lot # 95 - Model 1861 U.S. Percussion Rifle-Musket
.58 cal., 40 barrel. Bridesburg/1862 lock markings, walnut stock. > Item Details
Winchester  Model 1876 Lever-Action Rifle
Lot # 766 - Winchester Model 1876 Lever-Action Rifle
.40-60 cal., 16.75" barrel, S/N 54926, 1885 date of mfg. Blue finish, walnut stocks. > Item Details
Lot of 2 WWII U.S. Fighting Knives
Lot # 1108 - Lot of 2 WWII U.S. Fighting Knives
1) Blade marked U.S. Navy Pal RH37, 7" blade, leather handle, Boyt -43- marked scabbard. 2) Blade marked Pal U.S. M3, 6.75" barrel, leather handle, USM8 scabbard. > Item Details
Lot of Civil War & Other  Militaria
Lot # 171 - Lot of Civil War & Other Militaria
Includes 16 Civil War bullets, 2 Civil War drinking cups, wallet, 9 pcs. Confederate currency, fork, knife, wooden carved spoon, 1863 Indian-head penny, 2 pairs of eye glasses, 3 triggerguards for Kentucky rifles, various flints and arrowheads, Civil War Naval rigging block, Civil War era bayonet be... > Item Details
Gathering of Spanish-American War Photographs
Lot # 1082 - Gathering of Spanish-American War Photographs
Includes E. Troop 7th U.S. Cavalry, a 9.5" x 7.5" photograph of soldiers marked Havana Cuba and three studio portraits. > Item Details
U.S. General Officer's Garrison Belt
Lot # 324 - U.S. General Officer's Garrison Belt
With reproduction saber hangers, and bridle leather belt with eagle belt plate. > Item Details
1876 First Pattern Prairie Cartridge Belt
European Cavalry Saber
Lot # 983 - European Cavalry Saber
33" curved blade with single fuller. Brass and leather wrapped handle, brass pommel and knuckle bow. Shagreen scabbard with brass fittings. Gold bullion knot. > Item Details
Five Books on Civil War Guns, Equipment & Uniforms
Lot # 1060 - Five Books on Civil War Guns, Equipment & Uniforms
Includes American Military Equipage by Frederick P. Todd, Civil War Relics by Stephen W. Sylvia & Michael J. O'Donnell, Arms & Equipment of the Union by Time Life Books, Civil War Guns by William B. Edwards, and Civil War History of the 47th Regiment of Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers by Lewis G. Sc... > Item Details
U.S. Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine
Lot # 53 - U.S. Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine
.58 caliber, 12" round barrel with swivel ramrod, V, P, and eagle on left flat at breech. Original rear tang sight. Brass furniture with walnut stock. Reproduction detachable buttstock. > Item Details
Pattern of 1881 Colt Single-Action or Schofield Holster
Lot # 354 - Pattern of 1881 Colt Single-Action or Schofield Holster
Early first type patter 1881 with short belt loop and three rivets. > Item Details
Naval Officer's Sword M1852
Lot # 122 - Naval Officer's Sword M1852
28.5" blade with etched naval and military motifs. Marked Wm Dietrich New York. Shagreen and brass wire wrapped handle; brass knuckle bow and pommel. Metal scabbard with brass bands and robed carrying rings. > Item Details
Ames Model 1833 Dragoon Saber
Lot # 42 - Ames Model 1833 Dragoon Saber
34" quill back blade lightly marked J.P. Ames, Springfield, Mass. 1839 and United States and with J.M inspector's mark. Brass guard, pommel, and knuckle guard, leather and brass wire wrapped handle with leather saber knot. Metal scabbard. > Item Details
African Snaphance Flintlock Rifle
Lot # 996 - African Snaphance Flintlock Rifle
49.25" smooth bore swamped barrel; decorated with silver, brass, and ivory. (See Stone, 1984: 257, Figure 317, #3.) > Item Details
WWII Bomber Archive of <i>James C. Stapp,</i> 20th Air Force
Lot # 674 - WWII Bomber Archive of James C. Stapp, 20th Air Force
Archive includes four Pilot's Flight Logs each with some inked inscriptions, James C. Stapp's "Tipsy Gypsy" B29B Fifteen Missions to the target of Shimotsu Oil Refinery with detail maps and holographs depicting bombing successes, complete with photo of plane and pilot. Several campaign medals includ... > Item Details
*Walther PP German Pistol
Lot # 628 - *Walther PP German Pistol
.32 caliber, 4" barrel, S/N 357611P. Wartime blue finish, with black plastic grips. Comes with its original holster and liberation papers from the GI who brought it back. > Item Details
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