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Stonewall Jackson Medallion,
2003 Americana and Decorative Arts. Nov. 12 - 13.
a scarce, solid coin silver medal minted in 1864. Artist-signed Massonnet on reverse, 2" diameter with verso bust Roman profile portrait of Jackson with surrounding inscription Lieut General T.J. Jackson. Stonewall Born 1821, Died 1863" and below his neck "Caque' F."; reverse with inscription listing the battles in which Jackson was a participant,with ribbon wrapped wreath of cornstalks. Includes a clipped advertisement from the Oct. & Nov. 1894 issue of Confederate Veteran illustrating the medal and describing how they were slipped through the Union Blockade, and lay in a Savannah, Georgia warehouse for 30 years until they were presented to the Ladies Auxillary of the Confederate Veterans. The proceeds of their sale ($1.00 in 1894) to benefit disabled soldiers. This was the ONLY war date medal minted to honor Jackson.

Minor wear, else VG.
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Edward Savage Mezzotint of George Washington,
Lot # 80 - Edward Savage Mezzotint of George Washington,
seated portrait after a painting at the University of Cambridge (now Harvard), entitled George Washington Esq., engraved and published by E. Savage, No. 34 Newman Street; 15.75" x 21", in gilt frame; 22.75" x 28". > Item Details
<i>Trick Pony</i> Mechanical Bank,
Lot # 518 - Trick Pony Mechanical Bank,
in original polychrome paint (brownish red, red yellow, black and gold) marked on base Pat'd June 2d AND/July 7th 1885 made by the Shepard Hardware Company of Buffalo, New York. Lever on back of base operates by dropping pony’s head which drops coin into bank; 2.5" wide x 7.5" long x 8" high. > Item Details
Pewter Cupboard in Old Paint,
Lot # 1090 - Pewter Cupboard in Old Paint,
American ca 1840-60, original red wash finish over walnut; open top with 3 scrubbed shelves; double raised panel doors below; solid ends with bootjack cutouts, front with straight cutout bracket feet, mushroom turned pulls and original brass clasps; 37.25" wide x 11.25" deep at top x 14" deep at bas... > Item Details
Autographed CDV of Buffalo Bill PLUS Business Card,
Lot # 492 - Autographed CDV of Buffalo Bill PLUS Business Card,
albumen with printed "The Hon. W.F. Cody BUFFALO BILL" along bottom margin; AND printed business card with "W.F. Cody/Nebraska U.S." and penciled inscription on rear "Cmps. W.F. Cody/Nat. Salesman/John M. Burke/Bre Sante Bon Voyage". > Item Details
Miniature Paint-decorated Blanket Chest
Lot # 1072 - Miniature Paint-decorated Blanket Chest
in pine, with till. Case is dovetailed with molded base; lid has applied molding and is attached by the original brass hinges. Original salmon paint with black squiggle decoration is bright and largely intact, with expected minor losses at the corners and on the molded edges. Attributed to New Ha... > Item Details
Royal Bayreuth Devil & Cards Ashtray with Match Holder,
Lot # 613 - Royal Bayreuth Devil & Cards Ashtray with Match Holder,
scarce form with devil climbing match box sleeve, place above and behind card ash-dish, blue type 2 mark (Raines:73); 3.9" wide x 4.5" deep x 3.8" high. > Item Details
Set of George Washington Inaugural Vest Buttons,
Lot # 79 - Set of George Washington Inaugural Vest Buttons,
set of five, .7" diameter flat brass/copper (dark patina) with loop type shank on unmarked back. Face with laurel wreath surrounded by Long Live The President, (see Sullivan 1959, GW 1789-25: Albert and Smith 1952, Fig 33(2): Luscomb 1967, pg 216 Fig. 14). As they say, “Find Another!” > Item Details
Pair of Figural Cookie Molds,
Lot # 812 - Pair of Figural Cookie Molds,
European or American caricatures of political figures, possibly Taft & Wilson, ca 1860-70 with inset tin cutting edges, hardwood blocks, both with fine old patina and approx. 3.5" x 8.75". > Item Details
Admiral Fitzroy's Barometer,
Lot # 998 - Admiral Fitzroy's Barometer,
printed paper dial in an oak frame, English, in original finish, ca 1863-70, Admiral Robert Fitzroy (Royal Navy) was a noted meteorologist and ships captain invented this instrument in 1863, includes a brief biographical sketch of Fitzroy; 41" high x 123" wide. > Item Details
Oil on Board of a Mill Scene,
Lot # 722 - Oil on Board of a Mill Scene,
unsigned impressionist rendering of a mill, done in the style of Cincinnati artist Thomas Corwin Lindsay (1839-1907); 11.5" high x 8.5" wide (w/o frame); 14.25" high x 11.25" wide (w/frame). > Item Details
Lincoln Hand-Colored Lithograph,
Lot # 93 - Lincoln Hand-Colored Lithograph,
superb large half length portrait of Lincoln with surround of ten smaller vignettes and surmounted with memorial stone with spread winged eagle, flanked by Capital building and war scene with floral draped urns and title block at base with Abraham Lincoln, Ours the Cross, His the Crown flanked by bi... > Item Details
Carved Decoy Ducks,
Lot # 897 - Carved Decoy Ducks,
lot of 4, including a pair (male & female) American Wigeon in original polychrome paint; working decoys with lead weighted base and anchor for string, each 14" long, male with glass eyes, female with brass tacks; AND a pair of coats stamped on top of backs in block letters NON PAREIL CO., cord bodie... > Item Details
American 1813 School Girl Sampler,
Lot # 919 - American 1813 School Girl Sampler,
polychrome silk on linen ground with five sets of alphabets, one number string, birds, baskets of flowers and vining strawberry border. Stitching with original name pulled out, leaving only work done in the 11th year of her age 1813; 16.5" x 17.5"; mounted in modern frame, 18.5" x 19.5". > Item Details
Andre Dule Canadian Folk Art Wood Carving,
Lot # 1000 - Andre Dule Canadian Folk Art Wood Carving,
"Pulling Stumps." Wonderfully detailed basswood carving of a team of oxen being used to remove tree stumps, with 4 men and a dog, artist signed on side, Andre' Dule; 11.5" wide x 35" long x 9.5" high. > Item Details
Notes Signed by General W.S. Hancock,
Lot # 271 - Notes Signed by General W.S. Hancock,
((1824-1886), Civil War General and Presidential candidate. Includes ANS, signature with rank, 2pp, 5.5 x 8.5", (Dep't. ??) St. Paul, Min., June 27, 1870 (?). Addressed to General John Love. This is a letter of introduction for a West Point classmate, but cannot find/read the person's name in the no... > Item Details
Original Hand-drawn Confederate Combat Map,
Lot # 370 - Original Hand-drawn Confederate Combat Map,
Map of the Seat of the War on the North Side of the James, hand drawn by a member of the famed Rockbridge Artillery. This unit was organized in 1861 by William Nelson Pendleton who went on to become a brigadier general and nominal chief of artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia. The Rockbridge A... > Item Details
Two Fine Union Figural 6th Plate Cases,
Lot # 30 - Two Fine Union Figural 6th Plate Cases,
both brown, includes Berg 1-95 Krainik 116, The Fireman; AND Berg 1-89, Krainik 124, Harvest Motif. Both with two portrait, tintypes and ambrotypes. > Item Details
Lot # 526 - "Cabin Bank" Mechanical Bank,
ca 1880-1900, a green version cast iron mechanical Cabin bank. The African American man in doorway flips and kicks the coin through roof slot in response to pulling the broom handle. Made by the J&E Stevens Co. of Connecticut; 3" wide x 4" deep x 3.75" high. > Item Details
Rare Brass Candlestick,
Lot # 1019 - Rare Brass Candlestick,
very graceful baluster-form stick with all-over engine turning. Candle held by three saw-toothed vertical prongs, which spread apart by a lever just below drip pan. Spring loaded mechanism tightly grips the base of the candle. Have never seen this one before. Stamped on underside with diamond mark... > Item Details
Miami Redskins Football Homecoming Banner on Linen,
Lot # 1121 - Miami Redskins Football Homecoming Banner on Linen,
found in Butler County, Ohio and probably meant to represent Miami University of Ohio football formerly known as the Redskins, now the Redhawks, polychrome stencil on glazed linen of a charging ball carrier in red jersey and leather type helmet, with red lettering on white ribbon banner above and be... > Item Details
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